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August 2024 Event Information

I have posted this on our Discord, but wanted to take the time to get the two announcements together.

Event Costs

Event prices are updated. If you pre-register up to two weeks before the event you will get your discount. Tavern is included.


We appreciate the feedback we’ve received about our tavern services in the past. Understanding these experiences deeply, we’ve made some thoughtful adjustments for our upcoming event. We are happy to have a nice big tavern, though it was underutilized at our last event due to various factors. To better serve everyone, we’ve decided to simplify our tavern offerings this time. Here’s what you can expect:

The tavern will provide essential provisions, including some nutritious options such as bananas, oranges, chips, and other snacks. We’ll have large drink dispensers available around the clock, filled with refreshing options like bug-juice (similar to Kool-Aid) and water. Please note, this is not a permanent change. We will reevaluate our tavern services after this event and again at the end of the year during our owners’ meeting. If you have specific dietary needs, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

“Okay, but how much will it cost?”

This will be included in your event purchase.

“Okay, but what if I really want a cheeseburger”

There’s fast food nearby!

“I have my own stuff to cook, how do I do that?”

The grills are available for you, and you may use the kitchen, but you must pass that through a tavern supervisor.

“What’s a Tavern supervisor?”

Butters, Trevor, Noah. While I may come in there and try to throw my weight around, I have told all of them that they can kick me out of the kitchen. They are boss.

“I would like to use my NPC time to help the tavern”

Please do! I prefer if you do not wish to combat NPC that you talk to Butters, Trevor, or Noah, and see how you can help. I’ll also be available to help if needed, but this position is primarily cleanup throughout the event. You’ll also help make sure bug-juice, water, and snacks are available.

“I have serious concerns regarding the tavern for August”

Please email staff at

I will have rules posted on the kitchen door and we’ll talk about them at opening ceremonies.

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