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Getting Started

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Getting started in a new game can be overwhelming. I’ve put together these guides to give new players the chance to be better prepared for their first event. Below you will find the New Player Checklist, a link to a PDF that can aid you in creating a character’s background and play style (New Character Guide), a PDF that discusses classes and skills in short (Character build guide), and a few pre-built characters. There isn’t any emphasis on the order you do this, I’ve just put them in the order that makes the most sense to me.


There is a lot to learn, so I suggest you take a break between items on this list!

Read the Rulebook

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This is the easiest part. I would suggest you read the basics of character creation in the rulebook, the combat system, and focus some attention on the classes. I’ll quickly go over classes in a character build guide later.

The Rulebook may seem like a lot, and it’s okay for you to skip some of the more intricate rules and build costs for now. Anything you don’t know you can learn at the game, though knowing the rules can help with immersion. Most of the build calculation has been made easier, and you can sandbox your character to come up with alternate ideas on the national database. Plus the database won’t let you buy a skill if you shouldn’t have it or cannot allocate the build points for it.

Check this guide on your local chapter. This is the best source of information on the geography, culture, and experiences of the average person living in Tel Zohar.

New Nero AZ Players GuideTel Zohar – In and out

What to Bring

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For a weekend Event, our own Stepheny put together A COMPREHENSIVE CHECKLIST



Bring yourself, bring some neutral black clothing (I suggest pockets!) and if you have any spare costuming that you prefer, bring that.  Often some black shorts or sweat pants work well, and a black t-shirt.  We’ll help outfit you the rest of the way.  Make sure you have comfortable footwear, and that you’ve let us know about any sleeping arrangements that you need made for you if available.



Location, and length of event, are the biggest factors to what you should bring. For a one-day event I would check the event teaser before showing. If it is a typical one-day event market gathering, I might bring some table props, and a single costume. Sometimes I pack a spare in case of a wardrobe malfunction or a torn costume piece. Bring any weapons you’ll want to use, and some pouches to hold your gear.


For a weekend event, I suggest you check the site information. You may need to bring a tent. If we have an indoor/cabin event, just bring appropriate bedding. We’ll try to be upfront about what you should bring.


For something like Noble Court, I might bring a nicer costume, some personal props, and my weapons. If I was playing in a chapter to requires a noble writ, I’d bring that as well since I play a Noble.


In all cases, you should bring your required makeup and prosthesis to represent your character’s race. Also it is important to check if food is being served at the event, which is usually the case. We try to post the menu before the event so you know if you need to avoid certain foods due to allergies.

Come to an Event!

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This is the last step, of course. Pick an event, like a social outing, combat practice, a weapon/costume building day, or an actual in-game event. Many of our members have shown willingness to host different social outings outside of an event. Simply check out our Facebook pages for more information, or look at our calendar of events for more information about upcoming events.

Where Do We Play?

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Each event is held at different parks.  I will update the information as it is made available!