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Between Game Actions (BGA/IBGA)

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From here you can submit a BGA Request.  You may always submit a BGA to us to inform us of character actions that you wish to take that may or may not be character altering or monumental via the form for free.  Here are some examples of free actions, but please limit your

  • Sending a message to a specific NPC.  Being that messaging is very cheap in the Kingdom any NPC that is normally reachable may be messaged.

If the NPC is not normally available, is “kill on site”, or otherwise a difficult creature to contact you may be able to send the message through a third party.  If you know of a third party you wish to have deliver the message, we can accommodate, but if you do not know of one you can always try the Squawkers Messaging System.  SMS isn’t guaranteed, and the price can be heavy (in gold).  We will remove the appropriate payment from your character bank once you agree to the terms of service.

  • Find a place, or get basic information about a specific in-play territory or area.
  • Post an article to the Whispering Well news.
  • Listen for gossip in a local tavern.
  • Take a basic or trivial action that your character has traditionally been able to do in this chapter.
  • Find and purchase items from a Merchant (While supplies last)

Paid BGA Examples:

  • Directly attempt to affect a plotline (I go route undead forces, invade a keep, blow up a building, etc)
  • Production request – You can get one day’s worth of production
  • Start or continue a major research, undertaking, mission, adventure, etc.  This may be as thrilling as “I am trying to get in good with the local slavers”, or “I’m looking for this innocuous item that an NPC mentioned in passing”, or even “I’m trying to find information on blah.”

Paid BGAs require approval before payment is sent.  We will let you know based on a sliding scale from $5-$20 depending on difficulty or time needed.